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20th February 2017 Business 0 Comments
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Social media marketing can be a complicated beast at the best of times. We’re living in a world where we now have instant access to anyone we need to contact, and on the face it at least, things have never been easier.

Yet, as anyone who has ever tried promoting their website and brand will tell you, having all that choice, all that potential means nothing if you don’t know where to start.

Getting your house in order is the primary objective for any business: and the foundations of your marketing business are leads.

But getting those leads are the hardest part. The easiest option for many businesses, especially those who are are fledgling, is to resort to paying out large sums of money for the initial investment: creatives with web design knowledge who can make your website look the very best; paid advertising to ensure visibility; and paying for leads through a third party – companies that will do the legwork for you and find those potential customers.

In this stage of your business’s development, this can be very worthwhile. It can be a good investment while you get to grips with both your target market and while you learn the ropes in how to go about finding those customers yourself.

And there is a lot to learn.

Getting to grips with how individual social media platforms operate, and what the protocol is on each one can take time. Along side this, learning the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) is also fundamental in making sure that your website and business registers high enough in Google’s ranking to show up in the first set of search results.

So getting your house in order takes time, and paying a business to help you makes sense initially. But what if that relationship turns sour, or stops bearing fruit?

Running a website is very much like renting that house you’re trying to get in order – all of that investment you’ve put into it will come to nothing, as those leads are effectively someone else’s property, just as a rental property can never be yours.

So using a third party can be effective in the short-term while your business finds its place in the market, it is in the long run not beneficial for your business. Taking control means learning the ins-and-outs of web functionality, web design and SEO techniques.

Owning and maintaining a website should be approached as you would with the place you live. If you generate your own leads through learning how most successfully to digitally market your enterprise, then it is an investment that will be as rewarding – both financially and in terms of knowledge acquisition – as owning your own place.

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