What to do if you have too many leads

25th April 2017 Business 0 Comments

I’m currently listening to Happy, by Derren Brown, on Audible. In it, Chapter 6 if you’re interested, he describes advertising as “creating an anxiety, the remedy of which is a purchase.”

He uses Dyson as an example, the strapline for their bladeless fan is: no blades, no buffeting.

What Dyson successfully achieve here is to create an anxiety which their product remedies. The genius of this is that probably no-one was interested in buffeting until Dyson mentioned it.

Have you explored what anxiety your business has the remedy for?

By identifying the anxiety of your customers, you’re guaranteed more leads, and we all agree, a healthy pipeline is a happy place.

Ironically, this could relieve the anxiety you face in your own business when it comes to generating new leads.

There are 2 major benefits of a burgeoning sales pipeline:

  1. You know where your next job is coming from
  2. You have choice of which jobs to take

Whatever industry you’re in, knowing where your next job is coming from allows you to plan and forecast. At the very least, knowing that there is a next job to move onto is a relief. I think this is the case whether you sell mugs and looking for your next customer to buy a mug once this mug has left in the mail, or whether you’re a consultant looking for your next consulting contract, knowing what’s next helps create a stress-free workplace, possibly even avoiding all out panic. 

Having the choice of work is a luxury all small business owners strive for. It is liberating to find yourself in a situation where you have too much work coming in. This opens up several new opportunities, as follows:

  • By choosing the work you want, as opposed taking it because your business relies on it, allows you to refine your craft and specialise. For example, if you sell mugs, it might be that a demand arises for mugs with names on, which may lead to your business specialising in customised mugs. Likewise, a consultant that gets more leads from the energy sector could find himself refining his knowledge, and ultimately specialising in Energy.

  • It also creates opportunities to form synergistic relationships with peers and competitors. If you have a bunch of leads to give away and know of a company who would be grateful for them, why not approach them and see if you can come to an arrangement?

To summarise, the answer to filling your pipeline is to identify your customers’ anxiety, then provide a remedy.

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