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6th March 2017 Social Media Marketing 0 Comments
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We wrote a blog post a while ago called My Customers Aren’t on Facebook. From time to time still, I’ll hear a business owner say they don’t think their clients are on social media. This is of course, nonsense; who isn’t on social media? I know a total of 2 people who aren’t on Facebook, which means less than 1% of all the people I know – friends, family, work, business associates – are not on Facebook. So, when you’re talking about reaching prospective clients, the notion that it can’t be done on social media is, again, nonsense. 

However, I do understand why someone might think this. The main reason someone jumps to the conclusion that their clients aren’t on social media is objective. Their own perceptions and pre-conceptions allow them to believe it. If they don’t use social media themselves for business purposes, then it’s rational to think their clients don’t either.

Rather than presuming this, what they should be asking is: which social media platforms do my clients use? Or, actually, presuming your clients are on social media, how do you use it to generate new business?

For example, smart recruiters are using Linkedin to target people who work for Budgens. Budgens recently went into administration, 180 employers face imminent redundancy. For recruiters with Supermarket clients, It’s open season. Using paid advertising on Linkedin, they’re targeting Budgen employees to let them know they have a client with vacancies.

It’s much more difficult, if not impossible, to target the same individuals on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat… and the reason is not because they aren’t using these other platforms, they almost certainly are, but the respective ad platforms don’t have the functionality to target by employer.

If you want to get technical about it, it is actually possible to target them on Facebook. The process is a little longer though and involves exporting connections from Linkedin and creating a custom audience.

Still think your customers aren’t on social?

If you’re one of the people I referred to above; a business owner who until now didn’t think your customers could be reached via social media, hopefully you’re coming round to the idea; where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It’s important to plan your campaign the right way around, starting with your customer persona. Don’t decide you’re going to run a Facebook Ad campaign, then go looking for an audience. Specify your audience first, then use the most relevant platform to reach it.

As I mentioned above, if you’re targeting employees of a particular company, Linkedin is great. If you’re targeting specific age groups, Facebook is great. If you’re targeting particular interests, Instagram is great…

Each platform has its own strengths and advantages, it’s worth studying the demographics of each to understand how to get the most out of them.

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