Short Form Video

Why use short form video?

  • Video content is the most consumed media on social media
  • The most watched video is approximately 45 seconds long
  • You have only 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention and only a few seconds more to hold it
  • People don’t have time to watch long video
  • Your audience demands short, snappy content

Who uses short form video?

Short form video is used on social media by businesses the world over. Businesses all over the world use short form video for commercial purposes, to promote products and services, grow brand awareness, and generate sales.

Examples of businesses using short form video on social media:

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Who do we make short form video for?

Our clients are local businesses who are aware of the power of social media and want to make a big impact. With short form video, our clients achieve maximum reach and engagement rates on social media, as video performs better than any other content media.

Our clients include:

Examples of short videos:

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