Facebook Ads: Do You Include or Exclude People Who Already Like Your Page

28th February 2017 Social Media Marketing 0 Comments

I saw something recently that made me ponder the question in the title. It was a Facebook Ad served to me from a company called MakeWarm Limited who operate in the home insulation sector.

This is the ad below:

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You can see from the ‘Get Quote’ button that the objective of the ad is to generate leads from people who would like a quote. I’m not in the market for a re-roof, but the ad did catch my attention and I thought I’d like to keep track of their activity on Facebook, so I clicked the thumbs up button to like their page.

By liking their page, the content they post to their Facebook page is likely to appear in my feed. I get to see future offers, and I’d consider it a conversion for them because they’ve successfully added me to their audience.

I thought nothing more of it until a day or so later when the same advert appeared in my feed. And a couple days later I saw it again. And again and again… This suggests that they haven’t selected the option in their Facebook Ad settings which excludes people who already like their page.

And that’s what got me thinking.

When you set up a Facebook Ad campaign there are 3 simple stages to follow. Firstly you define your audience, next you set your budget, and finally you craft your advert.

When defining your audience, there is a section called connections which is often overlooked. The options therein allow you to target people who like your facebook page, or exclude them.

There are different reasons to use either option. For example, if you want to reward your fans, you might choose to run a promotional ad to only people who like your page. Conversely, if you’re looking to grow your audience, you would normally choose to exclude people who already like your page.

In the example above, however, it’s not so clear cut. When should this ad stop serving?

There is a brand awareness issue to consider. They may want maximum reach no matter what. However, if this is the case, is this the best type of ad to run? As I mentioned earlier, I’m not in the market for a re-roof and seeing the ad more isn’t going to change that. In fact, if I’m honest, it’s getting a bit annoying.

So could the ad be improved?

Well, in terms of ad copy, no… it’s this that caught my attention. It’s a well-crafted ad in my opinion. I’d like to take a look at the campaign settings to find out if ‘exclude people who like your page’ is being used. I have messaged them about this and still awaiting a reply.

This is by no way a criticism of MarkWarm’s ad campaign management. As I mentioned at the start, it simply made me ponder this question: when should ‘exclude people who like your page’ be used?

Do you use ‘exclude people who like your page’?

If you’re not sure whether you do or don’t and would like some advice, give me a shout.

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