4 Elements of your Web Marketing strategy

28th March 2017 Strategy 0 Comments
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a vital part of any company’s web marketing plan in the online age. SEO is crucial, but how do you get your SEO strategy – and as a result, your web marketing plan – spot-on? There are quite a few factors to bear in mind.

The first thing to consider within web marketing and SEO is keywords. If you are going to achieve your ultimate goals, potential customers are going to find your business by searching for your company online, or they are going to stumble upon you by searching for relevant keywords which direct them to your website. How do you determine what those keywords are, and how can you measure their success within an online web marketing campaign? Google AdWords is one of the most popular methods to identify which keywords stand out most in relation to your business and to subsequently identify the number of hits they receive by users who are then directed to your business’ website.

Another key element of any web marketing strategy, especially in regards to SEO, is social media. Social media has become as much a part of everyday life as a television and a mobile phone over the last ten years, with Twitter and Facebook in particular having hundreds of millions of users. As with search engine websites like Google and Yahoo, potential customers can search keywords on social media platforms and find your business that way; alternatively, assuming that you have social media pages in place, you can build up strong followings based on location, sector and common tastes between customers. You can also provide images, blog links and other posts which are exclusive to social media, as well as occasional exclusive discounts and potential 24/7 correspondence with customers. There are so many ways to utilise social media, but the main thing is that you have social media as part of your web marketing plan in some form to support your SEO strategy.

Paid Media is one more aspect of web marketing and SEO which cannot be overlooked, although this is dependant both on your marketing budget and the potential benefits of advertising on specific online platforms. Paid advertising can reap major benefits for any business so long as the adverts are being showcased on suitable websites, since your company would have the potential to grow your following to unlimited levels, if successful. As stated, though, it has to fit within your budget with a feasibly high chance of succeeding; for instance, why spend four figures, or even three figures, on advertising if the potential reach is only slim on that particular site? This requires competitor analysis and customer research in order to find the most logical platforms, but the bigger issue is determining the potential success of advertising campaigns, and how much of a Return On Investment (ROI) such advertising can bring, for it to become a worthwhile part of your web marketing plan.

Web marketing is essential in promoting your business, and SEO will always serve as a crucial element of web marketing. Having outlined keywords and Google AdWords, social media and paid Media as some of the most popular and useful methods used to back up SEO within a typical web marketing plan, your business will be able to identify which areas are most relevant to you, and how you can adapt them and mould them within your plan, your budget and within your sector so that your web marketing plan and SEO plans will bring about major success, as well as establishing trends for further success in the future.

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